Recommended books and other resources

During conversations with friends and clients books, websites and other resources tend to be mentioned and discussed and we thought we could start a list or lists of interesting and noteworthy materials. If you are starting to get interested in planting, gardening or expanding your knowledge about agriculture and its social entanglement this list may be a good starting point. We appreciate and encourage any suggestions and additions to these lists please email us at

Florida history
  • Tales of Old Florida
  • A land remembered by Patrick D. Smith
  • A Culinary History of Florida by Joy Sheffield Harris
  • Florida’s agricultural heritage by Wayne Harris of the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame

Agriculture, botany and biology in the tropics and subtropics
  • Fruits of warm climates by Julia Morton
  • Perennial vegetables by Eric Toensmeier
  • Un nuevo ABC de la agricultura orgánica Mierda a la carta by Jairo Restrepo et al.
  • Plantas comestibles de Centroamérica by INBio Costa Rica
  • Florida’s best fruiting plants by Charles R. Boning
  • Florida’s edible wild plants by Peggy Sias Lantz
  • Frutas tropicales de Costa Rica by Ellen Sancho et al.
  • Compost everything by David the Good
  • Totally crazy easy Florida gardening by David the Good
  • Create your own Florida Food Forest by David the Good
  • Start a Home-Based Plant Nursery by David the Good
  • Edible leaves of the tropics by Franklin W. Martin and Ruth M. Ruberté
  • Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets
  • A Naturalist on a Tropical Farm / La Finca de un Naturalista by Alexander F. Skutch (Spanish edition available)
  • Paradise Lot by Eric Toensmeier

Alternative technologies
  • Water storage by Art Ludwig
  • Create an Oasis with Greywater by Art Ludwig
  • Earthbag construction by Kelly hart
  • A pattern language by Christopher Alexander et al.
  • The Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins
Food processing
  • The art of fermentation by Sandor Elix Katz
Useful websites and online archives