Eric Toensmeier on using the IPCC interactive map

Both Raleigh and I have a shared interest for the teachings Eric Toensmeier offers. From ‘A paradise lot’ to ‘Perennial vegetable gardening’, the resources on his website, podcasts and articles, we admire and consider him a great mentor.

One of his latest and most recent YouTube videos is an explanation on how to use the interactive map that the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has made available to the public. In a nutshell this map shares a visualization of the effects of climate change in all its categories in different regions of the world. Toensmeier recorded a great video on how to use it, therefore we would like to share his video with you.

We hope you are able to use this tool to attain and share meaningful information. Understanding the potential of your surroundings is key when thinking of how to attain sustenance and stability in the future.

Thank you Eric Toensmeier for sharing your knowledge with us.