Garden Club at the Life Academy Summer Camp

This summer of 2023 we started a new Garden Club program for kids ages 7 and up at the Life Academy/Apollo Beach Racquet and Fitness Club summer camp. Garden Club occurs 3 times during the whole span of summer. We meet every morning for 1 hour for 1 week.

We are currently in our last week of summer Garden Club (07/24-07/28) before kids return to school. Our activities will resume at the Life Academy/Apollo Beach Racquet and Fitness Club after-school program in the form of monthly garden walks and talks which are open to all kids attending after-school here.

Some of the activities we worked on this summer are: tasting fruits, leaves and herbs; plant identification; fruit tree care; seed planting and other plant propagation techniques; composting; and garden and nature walks.

We actively engage in questions and conversations about the importance of learning how to grow plants, knowing where food comes from and how it is made, gardening at home with family, being open to taste and try, and being aware and conscious about the ecosystem we are part of.

We feel grateful to have shared valuable time with these kids and are confident some of these concepts and ideas will sprout in their minds and evolve into more curiosity and knowledge.