The Homegarden

Location Apollo Beach, Florida
Growing since 2013
Installation performed by Third insight design and nursery

Where all the madness started! It’s one thing having a piece of land to experiment on, and an entirely different ball game when you’re fortunate enough to create that space for the two people who brought you into this world. In 2013, I watched my father plant 3 avocado trees from seedlings and I soon after followed his footsteps. Having been heavily involved in orchids, bromeliads, and ferns it was a no brainer that I graduated to fruit trees, natives, vegetables, and vines.  I’ve been extensively building our forest garden in the backyard ever since. Along the way, I discovered permaculture and met my future wife and business partner, Annie. If you decide to choose us for any project, I invite you to walk through our forest garden, purchase a plant or two and feel free to see just what is possible in a short amount of time.