Su residence, vegetable garden and orchard expansion

Su residence vegetable garden and orchard

Location Odessa, Florida
Growing since October 2020
Installation performed by Third Insight Design and Nursery

The Su family approached Third Insight Design looking to build an area to cultivate vegetables during the growing season as well as freshening up their orchard through some integrated maintenance.

As requested by the family all wooden tables were built from red cedar and each Earthbox is filled with organic soil and amendments as well as planted with heirloom and organic seeds. Earthboxes are easy to maintain and can be arranged in many positions. In this case raising the crops off the floor was desired because of the abundance of wildlife in the area, the prevalence of sandy soils and the comfort of the clients.

The orchard expansion included the planting of several new trees such as papaya, plums, avocado, pomegranate, malay apple and sugar apple. In addition, all new and existing trees were provided amendments such as micro-nutrientrs and mulched heavily. Next spring a rigorous fertilization program will be put in place.

The family now keeps over 55 fruit trees in their yard in addition to 50 Earthboxes planted with all kinds of different vegetables. Below you can study the plans that were made previous to the installation. Throughout the process the vegetable garden actually suffered an expansion that doubled its size. Some of the fruit trees have been potentially laid off for later plantings.