Ají dulce pepper – Capsicum chinense



Ají dulce pepper is well known in Puerto Rico and Venezuela although, we have recently learned other South American cultures consider it a staple, too. There are other common names it is known by in the Caribbean Islands and Brazil including Ají cachucha and Ají gustoso. It is shaped like a miniature pumpkin and is red when ripe. These peppers can be anywhere between 1 to 2 inches wide and long. It has very good aromas like habanero peppers but has no heat at all. It is a great sweet pepper for tropical and subtropical climates where abundant rainfall can make growing bell peppers very difficult. This pepper is perennial in Central Florida and in some of our plantings has bared fruit for 4 consecutive years. One heavy crop is produced during late spring early summer and another in fall, in the meantime it can bare sporadically in lesser quantities. We prefer growing peppers with in dappled sun light.

30-40 seeds

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