Guided tours

Guided tours

No matter if you are a Floridian, long time resident, tourist or recently moved to this magical state. Experience Florida from a local’s perspective. Learn about flora and fauna, foraging, horticulture and hidden gems of our environment.

Guided tours at nature preserves

We spend some of our time exploring, foraging and identifying plants at local parks, preserves and green spaces. This has allowed us to collect plenty of information about plants that grow locally in the wild their uses and seasons when they are available.

Some people spend a lot of time and money traveling abroad to enjoy the riches and environments the unknown offers, however, very few really know their homeland like the back of their hand. If you have ever felt like this, this is a great way to experience the real Florida!

A tour like this will allow you to better understand the native ecosystems, get familiarized with native plants and animals and learn about traditional herbal medicine and foraging. Most importantly you get to experience beautiful places with the perspective of a local and from a food and sustenance stand point.

Guided tours at botanical gardens, parks, Community Gardens and nurseries

Are you interested specifically in native plants, orchids, bromeliads, ferns, fruit trees, edible perennials, annuals and medicinal plants? Then this kind of tour is for you.

From botanical gardens, county parks, private collections to fruit tree hot spots and nurseries, we will take you around to marvel at some of the hidden gems around central Florida related to horticulture and pomology.

Homegarden tour

Tour a 7+ year old homegarden. Learn about the failures and successes of growing subtropical and tropical plants in West Central Florida Zone 9B.