Shelly and JR, animal sanctuary, orchard and forest

Shelly and Jr are in the process of transferring their permanent home back to the countryside where they will be able to keep an animal sanctuary as well as hosting several of their friends and growing food. Their property is located in zone 9B.

When they approached Third Insight Design their main concern was building a break from their neighbors that could also serve a double purpose for fodder production for one of their water buffaloes. On the other hand the couple was seeking to build a conventional row orchard as wells as a vegetable garden to feed themselves and their animals. In addition several fodder production stations in the fashion of cut and carry were proposed to feed their birds and ruminants.

One of the projects highlights is the conservation of forests and aquifers. Their property has abundant centennial oak trees as well as water sources.

The project has not yet been completed and is under development.