Consultation, Design and Installation

Third Insight Design offers consultation, design and installation services for the development of integrated Alternative food production systems.

Consultation process:

1. Phone introduction

We have a brief conversation to introduce ourselves and meet you. You (the client) tell us your general idea and where you are located. We explain in detail how we operate.

Third Insight Design is an edible/productive landscape design consultancy and nursery. Its focus is set on facilitating local food production and community interaction.

2. Pre-consultation form

After our phone introduction we will send you a pre-consultation form. This will help us break the ice and have you collect some useful information to better shape your ideas as well as ours. The pre-consultation form will also save us some time when we actually come on-site, in this way we can get to the most important matters when we are there. 

3. Consultation

The consultation is a crucial part of this process. We come onsite to assess the entire scope of your property. A consultation can take anywhere between 1.5 hours to 3 or more depending on size and conditions. Throughout this walk we will provide you with our professional opinion about your land, possibilities, we will answer questions and share knowledge about horticulture, pomology, native plants and the environment.

The consultation is meant to define your needs, the needs of the land, the flora, the fauna and the community. This part of the process is an opportunity for you to ask questions, to be curious, to give your input and your ideas. During the consultation we will all work together to understand what you want and what is possible.

We recommend you prepare for this day: Before we come write down questions, comments and observations. Bring a notepad, record our conversation, and take pictures. There will be a lot of information flowing from every direction, therefore don’t take it lightly it will be a great learning experience about yourself and your space.

If a consultation has to be performed twice or even three times it will, whatever it takes for us to get to know you, your space and your ideas better.

As a result of the consultation, a feedback document can be put together. The document consists of a summary of the consultation, a proposal that includes ideas and recommendations and a set of relevant tips and tricks to start or continue your journey in the plant world. This document is a guide that will represent what you have and the possibilities available for your space as well as the first steps to start this transformation.

Design Process:

3.5 Learning

An important step that sometimes could or should happen prior to even the design phase is education and practice. In order for you to fully take advantage of the system that is being designed, you will be required to know how to use it and manage it. Different learning experiences from classes, personal workshops, volunteering, shadowing, joining clubs and community gardens or interviewing people can help guide you in the use and management of the elements that will be incorporated to your farm, homestead or homegarden. 

There is little to no sense in building a system that you are not able to understand or interact with. This process is a 50/50 deal. We do half the work and you do half, too. Our priority is your education, since the first moment we meet we will provide you with insights to access information and knowledge. Keep your note pad close at all times!

4. Feedback meeting

The Design Process can only move forward once you receive a Consultation Feedback document. After you study it thoroughly, a feedback meeting can be scheduled. At this point we will go over anything that is not clear, we will also talk about any new ideas or topics that came up. You will share your vision again with us and we will share ours, too. 

5. Design

With all the information we have gathered until this point we (TID) get to work on a design, meaning an actual graphic plan of how the space will look like. You will receive a blueprint where all the elements, needs and resources have been located. With this document you can proceed to build your vision. You will have an actual and accurate plan to develop it. 

6. Feedback meeting

Once you have studied the design we will meet again. We will go over the plan and make any necessary changes to the graphic document.

Installation process

7. Installation

When all the necessary preparations have been completed we can proceed to build what has been portrayed in the design. Installation will most likely be approached in phases.

9. Feedback meeting

Once you and your system have established we will meet again. We will share feedback, experiences and improve where we can. The process never ends, it is a beautiful experience of sharing and reciprocating! 

Let’s build together