Option #1

We assess the entirety of your property using a whole systems approach and provide you with our detailed interpretation of the site and the possibilities/options we envision taking into consideration any input you have provided us with. Consultation time: 2-4 hours depending on the scale of the property.

Option #2

This option is geared toward specific questions, concerns, projects or situations that you would like to resolve, for example building a raised garden bed or assessing the status of a planting. If you would like to ask questions only about a particular area of the property and get input from us on your specific ideas/questions/concerns regarding a single project/task within the property this is the adequate option.


After having performed an extensive consultation a Design coupled with a key, guidelines, consultation feedback document and quote can be put together. This service is best suited for clients who would like to approach their project with a master plan in hand.


Third Insight provides installation of previously designed projects as well as installation/planting of your fruit trees.


When we talk about system maintenance we refer to the professional upkeep of groves, fruit trees, foodforests or plantings. Maintenance can happen in a periodic cycle of one, three, four, six months or yearly appointments. The goal of such a maintenance session is to aid you in certain tasks that will ensure the system keeps growing and evolving properly.


What Yall PlantingWhat Yall Planting
17:23 19 Aug 23
Amazing experience at their nursery! Very knowledgeable and helpful with all of our random questions. Will be visiting again and will be attending some of their workshops/teachings.
15:32 12 Aug 23
I cannot recommend this nursery enough!!!!Extremely knowledgeable staff. I met with Raleigh and he is super friendly, polite and a professional. The team at Third Insight design loves each of their plant like a child and you can see that in the health of the plants. Raleigh explained in details on how to care for my plants. He also gave me a sugarcane to plant and one to relish.. yum!!!The nursery has an excellent variety of plants and trees (including fruit trees – mango, sugar apple, custard apple, bananas, pineapples, sugarcane and the list goes on)They also have some hard to find plants. I had been looking for bael (aeglo marmelos) for a while and I found it here. I also bought sugarcane, pineapple, sage and Patchouli cuttings.They also carry vanilla if you are looking for it. Please call them if you are looking for something specific. They might have it.Forgot to mention, they are very fairly priced.The nursery is usually open only on Saturdays but please check their website because if they are at a plant fest then the nursery will remain closed on a Saturday.
Teresa FosterTeresa Foster
20:17 27 Jul 23
Annie and Raleigh helped to show us the possibilities that we could realize by working with the good elements that we had and transforming the undesirable features into positives. Both Raleigh and Annie each have their own unique talents and knowledge about Florida natives, citrus, exotic tropical fruit trees, agroforestry and the like. Their consultation with us was extremely valuable by demonstrating which plants, tools, planting and irrigation methods enable us to work smarter, not harder, thus enjoying our farm time more. Their plant identification/knowledge is amazing. I would recommend them, without hesitation, for consultation or plant installation based on my experience working with them on my own property.
Lawrence WidenerLawrence Widener
21:33 22 Jul 23
Great People. Very Helpful. I drive 2 Hours(I’m Near Orlando) to go to their Nursery. They have helped me make my Backyard Hobby Nursery what is is!
Laura RoseLaura Rose
14:50 19 Jul 23
James ElwoodJames Elwood
14:42 19 Jul 23
Great people, great service. Couldn’t ask for better people and plants!!!
21:35 27 May 23
Amazing little operation. Come here if you want to see how much food your tiny backyard can produce. Great working Food Forest and tons of great plants. Extremely knowledgeable couple runs the operation.
A true hidden gem. Do not be discouraged by this nurseries hidden location or its small size. Raleigh and his wife have some very special edible plants too choose from. Raleigh is a wealth of information and not affraid to share it. The care he takes in helping you select your perfect plants is something rarely seen these days. I drove 2 1/2 hours to visit this gem after meeting Raleigh and Third Insight Designs at a recent exotic fruit show and it was worth every precious gallon of gas.
Maggie GarciaMaggie Garcia
05:45 13 Dec 21
I had the pleasure of meeting Raleigh. It was like a school field trip as he walked my mom, dad, and I, though his nursery. He showed us each plant by name. Many were very familiar to us and we grow in our own yard or grew up enjoying the fruit or health benefits. We were also introduced to other plants we were not familiar with. An unexpected but pleasantly educational experience. We look forward to our next visit in a few weeks.
Wesley ShawWesley Shaw
18:24 21 Jul 20
Extremely knowledgeable and helpful!I am very new to growing (attempting to grow) various types of fruit bearing trees and received a lot of help from Raleigh and Annie. They have a wide variety of native and exotic trees in stock, along with a wealth of knowledge of each one. As a curious beginner, I really put them to the test with my many questions, all of which they gladly answered. You can tell their business is backed by passion and they enjoy planting that in others.I highly recommend Third Insight Design and Nursery for their knowledge and expertise paired with friendly people who cater to your individual wants and needs.#communityprosperity
Logan CladdingLogan Cladding
19:21 29 Jun 20
Third Insight designed, sourced and helped plant my fruit privacy hedge AKA “Fedge”. Bananas, mangos, pineapples, mulberry, sugar apple and more. The ground cover is perennial peanut which not only works as a maintenance free weed barrier, but it puts nutrients back into the soil. A year later we have amazing fruit and privacy. We are very happy with our fedge and Raleigh is so knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Five stars!!


Moyer Family front garden

Location: Bradenton, Florida Date: March 2020 Installed by Third Insight Design in collaboration with clients

Ruskin backyard break

Location: Ruskin, Florida Date: June 2019 Installed by Third Insight Design in collaboration with clients

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