This page will help you get a better idea about how we approach new clients and their projects. Our primary service is consultation and design for the development of productive systems, and our secondary services range from maintenance to educational experiences.

Primary service: Development of Productive Systems

1. Phone introduction

We have a brief conversation to introduce ourselves and meet you. You (the client) briefly tell us about your ideas and your location. We explain how we will operate and how we work: Third insight design is an edible/productive landscape design consultancy and nursery. Its focus is set on facilitating local food production and community interaction. If you would like to meet us our Nursery is open to the public SAT & SUN 9A-3P and on weekdays by appointment.

2. Pre-consultation form

After our phone intro, if you decide you would like to work with us we will send you a pre-consultation form. This will help us break the ice and have you collect some useful information to better shape your ideas as well as ours. The pre-consultation form will also save us some time when we actually come on-site, in this way we can get to the most important stuff when we are there. 

3. Consultation

The consultation is probably the most important part of this process. We come see you at your property and will walk through every space you would like us to assess, on occasion we will talk about spaces and things that you didn’t plan for as these are important, too. A consultation can take anywhere between 1.5 hours to 3 or more depending on size and conditions. Throughout this walk we will provide you with our professional opinion about your land, possibilities, we will answer questions and teach you small things that come in handy.

The consultation is meant to get closer to defining your needs, the needs of the land, the flora, the fauna and the community. This part of the process is an opportunity for you to ask questions, to be curious, to give your input and your ideas. During the consultation we will all work together to understand what you want and what is possible. 

We recommend you prepare for this day: Before we come write down questions, comments and observations. Bring a notepad, record our conversation, and take pictures. There will be a lot of information flowing from every direction, therefore don’t take it lightly it will be a great learning experience about yourself and your space.

If a consultation has to be performed twice or even three times it will, whatever it takes for us to get to know you, your space and your ideas better.

The consultation costs within the Tampa bay area and with a duration of 1.5h-2h run as follows:

Urban / residential homegarden up to 1/2 acre: $250 + tax

Homestead 1/2 acre and up to 3 acres: $350 + tax

Large homestead/farm 4 acres and up to 8 acres: $500 + tax

Large homestead/farm 10 acres and up: $1000 + tax.

As a result of the consultation, a document can be put together at an extra cost of $200. The document consists of:

– A summary of the consultation
– A proposal consisting of ideas and recommendations
– A set of relevant tips and tricks

This document is a guide that will represent what you have and the possibilities available for your space.

4. Feedback meeting

Once you receive a Consultation Feedback document and study it thoroughly we can schedule a feedback meeting. At this point we will go over anything that is not clear, we will also talk about any new ideas or topics that came up. You will let us know what you think about the proposal and what you would like to change. You will share your vision again with us and we will share ours, too. 

5. Design

With all the information we have gathered until this point we (TID) get to work on a design, meaning an actual graphic plan of how the space will look like. You will receive a blueprint where all the elements, needs and resources have been located. With this document you can proceed to build your vision. You will have an actual and accurate plan to develop it. 

The design costs are $500 per acre. The document you receive has been created both through digital and hand drawing techniques. If you are looking for a digital design work please contact us for a quote.

6. Feedback meeting

Once you have studied the design we will meet again. We will go over everything and make any necessary changes to the graphic document.

7. Install

If you wish to proceed one step further we will build what we have designed in accordance to the phases determined during the consultation and design steps using these as our guide. 

8. Training

Last but not least at all, and another extremely important step in our opinion: Training. In order for you to fully take advantage of the system that has been planned and created in your space you will be required to know how to use it and manage it. We generally propose a set of learning experiences, classes or personal workshops where we will guide you on how to use and manage the elements that have been incorporated to your farm, homestead or homegarden. 

9. Feedback meeting

Once you and your system have established we will meet again. We will share feedback, experiences and improve whatever is necessary. The process never ends, it is a beautiful experience of sharing and reciprocating! 

Secondary services

System maintenance

Once your project has been put together or in case you have an already growing system we offer maintenance services. This can involve but is not limited to pruning, fertilizing, planting, mulching and inoculating.

The hourly rate is $100/hr for two expert gardeners (Annie & Raleigh) to take care of your project.


Our nursery is open 9a-3p Saturday and Sunday, weekdays by appointment. You will find tropical and subtropical fruit trees, perennial edibles and other plants that you can eat as well as Florida natives. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can either point you in the right direction or join you in your search!


Third Insight Design is available for hire to teach a workshop, virtual or in person.

The rate for a workshop is $100/hr + materials.


Third Insight Design is available for hire to give a presentation or speech, virtual or in person.

The rate for a presentation is $100/hr.

Homegarden tour

Tour a 5+ year old homegarden. Learn about the failures and successes of growing subtropical and tropical plants in West Central Florida Zone 9B. 

The cost for a homegarden tour is $25 per person (45min to 1hr).

Guided tour

We spend some of our time exploring, foraging and identifying plants at local parks, preserves and green spaces. This has allowed us to collect plenty of information about plants that grow locally in the wild as well as people’s backyards, their uses and seasons when they are available. 

Some people spend a lot of time and money traveling abroad to enjoy the riches and environments the unknown offers, however, very few really know their homeland like the back of their hand. If you have ever felt like this, this is a great way to experience the real Florida! Contact us to tour your neighborhoods, parks and local green spaces.

The cost for a guided tour is $60 per person (1hr).


Third insight design is my favorite nursery I have ever been to. They have the best tropical plants to choose from. I do not have a green thumb but I’m following the “insight” that the owners gave me and all the plants I have purchased from them are prospering. I will definitely keep going to third insight they rock!

Kyle Rogers

I wish there were 10 stars! Third Insight Design has become our most trusted resource for plants. The team’s vast knowledge, attention to detail, and obvious experience make them our first choice when buying plants and planning and designing edible landscapes. I would recommend them to everyone!

Modern Herbal Apothecary

Let’s build together!

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