All about bananas! Workshop

When? Saturday, December 4th, 2021 from 9:00am-12:00pm

Who? Annie and Raleigh from Third Insight Design and nursery

What? Save the date! We will be hosting a workshop that will include everything related to growing bananas in Florida and beyond. We will observe a practical example of banana propagation and have a chance to taste Florida homegrown bananas.

Where? Third Insight Design Nursery 6520 Richies Way, Apollo Beach FL 33572. Google maps directions.

How? The cost of admission is $5 per adult, persons 17 and under can attend for free. If you feel you cannot cover this fee please contact us to reciprocate through a different form of exchange. If you would like to attend sign up by clicking below. Capacity for attendance is large, signing up is necessary to participate.

Workshop itinerary:

  • Welcome and general information
  • Theoretical explanation:
    • What are bananas? Why grow them? And urban myths about them.
    • How do bananas grow?
    • How to propagate bananas?
    • What can you do with bananas?
    • Care and diseases pressure.
  • Live pup propagation example from an established banana circle.
  • Banana tasting.
  • Informal Q&A and discussion.
  • After learning about these important plants, if you are interested we welcome you to browse the nursery and purchase banana pups.