Apollo Beach Racquet & Fitness Club

Phase 1
The entrance next to the parking lot is the first place of contact for visitors of the Club and Bistro guests. As of now the entrance has been planted with various different plants and no clear theme. TID recommended working on all plantable areas of the front, meaning the area adjacent to the stairs and playground, the area bordering the main tennis court, parking lot islands, as well as the area bordering the parking lot.

TID proposed to follow a Florida native/friendly theme. This will ensure low maintenance and beauty throughout all seasons. A Florida native theme will be proposed for other phases as well, in this way the main entrance will be reciprocal of these and will add continuity to the experience of the visitors.

Adjacent to the parking lot is the event area. This garden should be treated as an “enchanted” space where all kinds of events and activities can be held. From weddings to yoga this space should mirror a Florida native landscape with a mystical touch, details that will enhance the experience of the users.

The oaks throughout both spaces are the main characters, what follows is a set of 3 to 4 layers of native bushes, trees, and ground covers, some of which will also be useful in the restaurant as ingredients for food preparation.