Compost workshop & compost station for CJST

After analyzing the system which this community of 50 apartments located on 3ha (7.5 acres) was implementing to compost, Third insight design proposed to build a 3 bay composting system and instruct the community on how to use it through a hands-on workshop. 

Currently, only a few members of the 50 apartments are actively composting their organic refuse. Some, only live there part time, others have not discovered the wonders of compost yet. However, the turnout to the workshop was greater than expected and we are happy to see this community taking action and moving one step forward. 

For us, it is especially important to provide workshops in which the participants are not only members of the community, but also the people who work there. Maintenance, management and garden staff were all present. Each of these groups will have a role and task to be responsible of.

We believe that making people aware of their actions, empowering those who are often left behind the scenes and involving each member in the process is key to a successful project. Every project is a test, and its development through time depends on the actions of people who are part of it, even us. We will be back and see this compost flourishing in a year! We might even build another compost system!